Medicine Flower, caramel


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Amazing Caramel flavor is to live for in coffee, tea or mixed with frozen deserts. Would be a great addition to custards, puddings! Best of all, no calories!

Vegans: Please note that this flavor is extracted from sugar and raw dairy cream. The extract contains no protein or lactose.

Medicine Flower certified organic food-grade flavors are used for culinary, scent and cosmetic applications. Our flavors are cold-processed using extraction without the use of any colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives.

Water and oil soluble, all our flavors are highly concentrated, contain no sugar or calories and are wheat- and gluten-free.

A few drops are needed to flavor anything from shaved ice, tea, coffee drinks to ice cream, desserts and smoothies. Try a drop or two in your drinking water with ice for a refreshing gourmet treat!

Medicine Flower Flavor Extracts are also suitable for scenting massage oils, balms, bath oils, soaps and candles.

Concentrated Flavor:
Consistent comparisons with other products on the market have revealed our flavor potency being over 30-70 times higher (1-5 drops of our flavors equal up to a teaspoon of other flavors).


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